Housing Focused Shelter Expansion

Media Release: Hope Centre announces expansion of Housing Focused Shelter
Group photo at the Welland Public Library with The Hope Centre banner

(October 25, 2023 – WELLAND, ON) The Hope Centre will be expanding capacity at its Housing Focused emergency shelter in order to accommodate a greater number of families and individuals starting November 1, 2023.

This past winter, The Hope Centre, in partnership with the City of Welland, operated a temporary seasonal shelter 3 evenings per week. However, a recent shelter capacity review conducted by The Niagara Region determined that a move away from the seasonal shelter model and an increase in capacity at existing shelters would provide better supports.

The Hope Centre housing focused shelter, which supports families, couples and individuals experiencing homelessness, will be expanding from 18 rooms to 26 rooms, mixed for both family and individual clients, until April 30, 2024.

“We are seeing an increase in demand for shelter spaces as Welland families and individuals continue to experience challenges exiting the system due to shortages of affordable housing and increased housing costs. We are pleased that we are able to increase capacity, though we must add that we are disheartened that it is needed. Our community needs more affordable
and supportive housing.”, commented Jon Braithwaite, CEO of The Hope Centre. “We are grateful to the Niagara Region for providing this funding to help us respond to and support our community.”

For community members who are currently unsheltered, The Hope Centre Housing Focused shelter can be reached by calling (905) 788-0744 ext. 238.

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