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Our mission is to strengthen our community by meeting the basic needs of its people.

Our vision is to support the most vulnerable citizens by providing food and housing stability to increase a person’s future resilience to poverty and their capacity to be self-sustaining.

Our values: Stability. Direction. Empowerment. We advocate to change social structures that create poverty, homelessness and compromised health. This is achieved through program delivery. Our programs and services are designed to support individuals and families by creating positive opportunities to master new skills and enhance employability. 

We strengthen our community by providing dependable food security and shelter programming to meet an individual’s basic needs. 

We provide guidance to individuals and families who struggle with poverty-related issues. We navigate systems and advocate for community members to support their capacity to be self-sustaining in the future.  

We exist as a safe place of hope in our community; to empower individuals and families by building resilience against the cycle of poverty.

Our History

For over forty years, The Hope Centre has helped to build and to strengthen Welland and the surrounding area by providing residents access to our Community Lunch Program, Food Bank, Housing Stability programs and many other services. 

Hope is an individual’s virtue, and personal empowerment is the essential element that fuels The Hope Centre’s approach to delivering one-on-one services. Our involvement in community development and advocacy work is guided by our core values: Stability, Direction, and Empowerment.

The Hope Centre was formed in 1974 (originally known as Welland Community Resource and Action Centre – WCRAC) by a group of concerned citizens and organizations who recognized that there were several people who were falling through the cracks of the social welfare system.

Originally housed at All Peoples United Church, The Hope Centre was entirely run by dedicated volunteers and offered food assistance, childcare, and advocacy.


The early success of these volunteers gave birth to such agencies as:

  • Women’s Place
  • Niagara Regional Youth Homes
  • Community Legal Services
  • All Peoples Day Nursery
  • Niagara Peninsula Homes
  • Canal View Homes
  • McLaughlin Community House and Tenants Association