Future Communication Planning

Staff, Board & Community Survey

You have been sent this link as you are identified as someone close to the Hope Center, have expressed interest, may already be working with the Hope Center or involved in regional & municipal politics.

We appreciate your valuable contributions of time and experience to ensure the 2022-23 Communications Strategy reaches our clients delivering meaningful and useful content as well as aligning a Community partnership action campaign. Driving new relationships, boosting individual donor activity and expanding on existing or lapsed partnerships & donations are also important to the Hope Centre’s future outreach.

This survey should take no longer than 10 minutes and will support the Communication & Marketing Strategy planning, implementation & measurement initiatives. All responses are confidential and collected by an external agency. Should you wish to contact the Agency directly for additional information, to ask questions etc please email: hello@ChimpAgency.ca or call 905 401 5219 (Phil Kirwin- Partner)

Please list top 3

Reaching Current Clients & Future Clients:

Share your experience and knowledge of clients, where they might live, sleep, seek other services etc.

Reaching Community Partners, Donors & Future Support Networks :

Kindly share your experience and knowledge of community partners, donors and why organizations would be interested in supporting The Hope Centre?